Chef Sommelier

Talent and Rigour

After winning some honours such as “Best young Sommelier of France for Val de Loire wines” as well as two podiums for “Best young sommelier of France” and “Best young sommelier of French South-East wines”, Bruno DUKAN incorporated one of the most renowned table in France: “La Tour d'Argent” in Paris, working closely with the master sommelier David Ridgway. He evolved there with one of the most beautiful wine list in France, which included more than 14,000 references.

Enriched by this experience, he joined “L’Epuisette” in 2008 as Head Sommelier. Bruno DUKAN is very methodical and work with passion and rigour.

The wine menu is under his responsibility and includes wines from all regions of France and the world. His greatest pleasure is to share his discoveries: atypical wines, niche market wines, independent and renowned producers and this whole selection represents the strength and pride of « L’Epuisette ».
For this head sommelier, his career paths are a perpetual quest for new discoveries, inspiring himself from the flavours of the cuisine of Chef Guillaume Sourrieu.


Sitting around the table, his advice are precious and invaluable, he will be available and will take you through that journey of discovery with an open and warm heart, qualities often revealed by its wine selection.



The Selection :

70% of white wines

French selection: Provence, Rhône, Loire, Languedoc Roussillon, Sud Ouest, Bourgogne, Alsace.
European selection: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy…
World selection: Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Ukraine…


20% of red wines

A majority of local wines: Vallée du Rhône, Bourgogne, Languedoc, and some coming from other parts of the world.

10% of rosé

A majority of local wines from Provence.

If you like discoveries and nice surprises, this wine list will for sure make you wander through previously unknown tasteful paths that will give your dinner experience an unforgettable taste.

The Wine Cellar:

The wine cellar is composed of more than 500 references and approximately 4000 bottles, maintained at the ideal and stable temperature of 11°C.

Its hygrometry is naturally regulated to 85% as the cellar is underground and situated at the same level as our beloved Mediterranean sea. The bottles are meticulously bathed in a neutral and dim-lighted atmosphere so as to optimize the ageing process of those wines.